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About Digital Art / Hobbyist Kytsora (Cynthia Harlan)24/Female/United States Recent Activity
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Kytsora (Cynthia Harlan)
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
.♩.¸¸♬´¯`♬.¸¸¤I DO NOT ROLEPLAY WITH STRANGERS!!!!¤¸¸.♬`¯´♬¸¸.♩.
Name: Kytsora
Species: Wolf (Wolverian)
Gender: Female
Eye Color: Emerald Green
Hair color(s): Dark Chocolate Brown with a White/Silver Swathe in the bangs
Fur Color(s): Several red-browns in different shades with beige accents and
blue markings.
Age: 23
Orientation: Straight
Relationship Status: In a Relationship ~♥
Power(s) {if applicable}: Magic, Telepathy, Telekinesis and Aura

MLP, Pokemon, Legend of Zelda, Kirby, Star Fox, Nintendo, Collars,
Cool Colors, Drawing, Spring, the Moon, Stars, Flowers, Mountain Dew,
Skyrim, Halo, Left 4 Dead, Borderlands, Full Metal Alchemist, Sailor Moon,
Wolf's Rain, Cowboy Bebop, Trigun, Hana-Kimi, Girl Friends, Yuri, tentacles,
most Shoujo manga/anime, Spice and Wolf, SAO, How to Train Your Dragon,
Spinnerette, Earth Maiden Arjuna, Once Upon a Time, Legend of the Seeker,
Game of Thrones (I'm not hurt by spoilers! :D), Game Grumps, Markiplier,
Tobuscus, Tangled, Lucky Star, Deadpool, Iron Man, Mulan, The Lion King,
Kingdom Hearts, uhhh... I know there's more. COME BACK LATER. ♥

Bullies, Trolls, Ignorance, Art-Thieves, Onions, Bestiality... I'm sure there's a little more.

Renard (LapFox Trax), Evanescence, Redlight King, Gemini Syndrome, Halestorm, In This Moment, Lindsey Stirling, Five Finger Death Punch, Gackt Kamui, ONE OK ROCK, Maaya Sakamoto, "Weird Al" Yankovic, Voltaire, Brentalfloss, Braxton "Skotein" Burks, Malukah, and much more.

~♬~Sonas*/Characters~ ♬~
░▒▓ Akaya Skye Windsinger▓▒░
░▒▓ Alandra Sula Ohzuu▓▒░
░▒▓Alenkha Judhi Fedhajua▓▒░
░▒▓ Allen Leigh Gabriel▓▒░
░▒▓Alura Fey Eonna▓▒░
░▒▓ Ambriel Elenvaryl▓▒░
░▒▓ Anelriel Elenvaryl▓▒░
░▒▓Anessa Myst Eonna▓▒░
░▒▓ Ariana Starling Serenada▓▒░
░▒▓ Byron Quinn Shannon▓▒░
░▒▓ Daevrond Hylvari▓▒░
░▒▓ Daryll Alonzo Errante▓▒░
░▒▓ Den'na▓▒░
░▒▓ Ebikyouko Saito▓▒░
░▒▓ Ekishou Ryuu▓▒░
░▒▓ Elenwe Hylvari-Elenvarl▓▒░
░▒▓ Erica Jean Errante-Thorne▓▒░
░▒▓ Erulisse Ana-Li▓▒░
░▒▓ Erussimbor▓▒░
░▒▓ Eryn Hald▓▒░
░▒▓ Fuchsia Dae Darkcloud▓▒░
░▒▓ Gwyndalin Ava Darkcloud▓▒░
░▒▓ Halothiel▓▒░
░▒▓Jacob Lee Eonna▓▒░
░▒▓Jaqueline Leia Eonna▓▒░
░▒▓ Jayde Musa Meadowlark▓▒░
░▒▓ Kahlan Aileana Mcleod▓▒░
░▒▓ Kaliko Elaine Cervantes▓▒░
░▒▓ Keshoume Ryuu▓▒░
░▒▓ Knightmare▓▒░
░▒▓ Kuraheishi Saito▓▒░
░▒▓ *Kyntho Hylvari▓▒░
░▒▓ *Kytsora Hylvari-Hald▓▒░
░▒▓Lavender Bre-Ann Eonna▓▒░
░▒▓Leon Scott Eonna▓▒░
░▒▓ Lianna Etana Fedhajua▓▒░
░▒▓ Lilliana Aelyva-Hylvari▓▒░
░▒▓ Lothuial▓▒░
░▒▓ *Lotus Bryony Eonna▓▒░
░▒▓ Mikayla Sansa Shannon▓▒░
░▒▓ Mortyra Zul-Zyndi▓▒░
░▒▓ Mykas Drake Lobos▓▒░
░▒▓ Peppermint Frostine Glaceau▓▒░
░▒▓ Rayna Mia Hald▓▒░
░▒▓ Ruby Pheos Latiana▓▒░
░▒▓ Ryvvir Hylvari▓▒░
░▒▓ Samantha Violet Hald▓▒░
░▒▓ Samuel Ian Thorne▓▒░
░▒▓ Sara Persephone McCoy▓▒░
░▒▓ Sayuri Reina Iccirus▓▒░
░▒▓ Shalthien Vaelythe▓▒░
░▒▓ Shinorya Saito▓▒░
░▒▓ Siyenna Lynn▓▒░
░▒▓ Takeshi Hylvari▓▒░
░▒▓ Train Isaac Cervantes▓▒░
░▒▓Viviane Celine Eonna▓▒░
░▒▓ Zayne Flynn Thorne▓▒░
░▒▓ Zylos Elenvaryl▓▒░

Return of the Wolverian Artist!!!

Journal Entry: Sun Dec 6, 2015, 1:53 AM

It's not quite a return, but I wanted to assure you I wasn't leaving. A LOT of things have happened in the past three years of my life, including having a new boyfriend, moving out, and having to get a new job (Twice!). I will be making attempts to post, but that may not quite happen as often as I'd like at first.

I am removing my OLD deviations, so please bear with me on those. I wanted a fresh start and this was the best way to do it without going through the hard process of taking down all of the deviants I watch and leaving a note for all of my current watchers (If you're still there with the crickets and such) to come FIND me. The only place I did that was on my FurAffinity page, which only has one deviation/Submission (whatever you wish to call it) now on the new one. I wanted to weed out people from there, it's a little easier to find people who might creep me out.

I am glad to finally get back on here. Nothing quite like sticking a boot in your tail and doing something you need to do for yourself!

  • Listening to: Video Game Rock Covers
  • Reading: What I am writing out...?
  • Watching: My Boyfriend play Fallout
  • Playing: It WAS Undertale... lol
  • Eating: Potato Chippies
  • Drinking: APPLE JUICE!


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